Fire Suppression Systems

Customers in the oil & gas, civil and marine sectors tell us that fire suppression is a major environmental and safety challenge.

Like all the best validated technologies, the RigDeluge® patented FreeFlow™ adaptors provide a fundamentally simple solution that makes them easy to retrofit on your existing infrastructure. Their job is to prevent delivery line contamination that is the main cause of blockages in deluge nozzles, the leading cause of system failure during compliance testing. These safeguards ensure that fire safety tests on the first-time activation are met. This level of compliance allows annual wet tests to be conducted once every five years.

AFI’s predictive maintenance approach avoids the disruption and expense of repeated wet tests. By doing away with the old ‘fail and fix’ approach to maintenance, we are confident that AFI can offer a highly cost-effective win for all the stakeholders involved in your business. Workers benefit from enhanced safety. The risks associated with containing an unexpected incident are reduced, and shareholders can see their return on investment grow as operational costs are reduced.

Alongside a global portfolio, RigDeluge® FreeFlow™ technology for fire suppression has already been deployed by Woodside, BP and Santos in Australia.