Dust Suppression Systems

Mining industry customers tell us that dust suppression is their number one environmental and safety challenge.

Like all the best validated technologies, the RigDeluge® patented FreeFlow™ technology is a fundamentally simple solution that is easy to retrofit on your existing infrastructure. It uses low volumes of water at a slightly higher pressure to suppress dust in a way that minimises moisture levels in the ore. A 360-degree nozzle mist spray encapsulates the mine site’s dust, while special adaptors reduce the risk of deluge heads getting blocked by contaminated water. These safeguards meet high health and safety standards and ensure compliance with mining regulations.

Our proven approach to dust suppression represents a highly cost-effective and reliable win for all the stakeholders involved in your business. Local communities benefit from cleaner air. Workers benefit from enhanced safety, and shareholders can see the value of their investments grow as costs are reduced.