Bushfire Protection Systems

Bushfires are a growing risk to homes, businesses and public property. It only takes 15 minutes for a bushfire to pass through and take your property with it. Vineyards, real estate and developments are all in the firing line.

Installing a reliable AFI deluge system around your property’s perimeter can make the difference between a near-miss and full-scale disaster. Weighed against the value of your home or business, it’s a highly cost-effective safeguard.

The RigDeluge® patented FreeFlow™ nozzles use low volumes of water at a slightly higher pressure to suppress fire, cool the air and protect against flying embers. A 360-degree nozzle mist spray shields your property from the bushfire’s thermal heat, while special adaptors guard against blockages caused by contaminated water. This means you can draw water from a swimming pool, an underground tank or even a well with relative peace of mind.

RigDeluge®FreeFlow™ technology is installed on oil & gas assets across Australia and comply with stringent industry safety standards.