AFI is proud to collaborate with Edith Cowan University to develop fire and dust suppression solutions for the sectors we support.  We continue to invest in developing new and repurposed technologies in our search for our goal of improved efficiency and effectiveness with our solutions. AFI has developed a test rig to understand and improve the performance of fire services products and dust suppression nozzles.   We can configure the test rig to ensure it is capable of simulating the dust suppression and deluge scenarios that our products would face in an emergency situation. We listen to your needs and devise the best solution fit for your business, no matter the product or brand.

The advent of emerging areas of lithium battery storage and hydrogen powered vehicles and storage are providing expanded risks to people.  AFI remains current with the latest standards, and prevention and protection technologies that collectively reduce these risks.

The technology and capability of the products we supply is always changing.  Our deep knowledge of the capability of the products we recommend and sell gives us the ability to create bespoke solutions to meet the particular needs of our customers.  Being able to integrate with our client’s platforms to improve or maintain overall system performance is a specialty of AFI. We are committed to deliver the best overall solution to meet our customer’s needs.

Effectiveness first: Making sure our systems defend your assets.

Efficiency, always:   We get you the best results from your time and money.

Experienced in every environment: No matter your environment, you’ll receive the best technology and support available.