We collaborate with an extensive range of fire services industry suppliers so we can offer the most suitable products to protect your assets and people.   We remain current with the full capabilities of the products we sell so we can provide the right advice to deliver the most efficient and effective solutions to our customers.

In providing advice we remain unbiased in respect of the products and configurations we recommend.  In providing recommendations we consider if your system is new or a retrofit. We can work with you to extend your existing system life beyond obsolescence by integrating new technology into old systems approaching end of life.

We can source spare parts to maintain any system. We can access an extensive array of all fire services and dust suppression products so contact us directly for information of the full range we provide. 

Fire Prevention

special hazards product
Special Hazards
We can provide new, replacement or re-calibration of special hazards and gas IIIR detection devices for various manufactures including but not limited to Honeywell Analytics, Spectrex, Det-Tronics.
smoke detector
Smoke & Thermal Detection
We supply, Install, integrate and configure  addressable and non-addressable detection devices, across the full manufacturer suite.
fire alarm
Occupant Warning & Visual Alarm Devices
We supply, Install and configure to meet any client requirements.
F panel
Fire Indicator Panels (FIP)
We can supply, configure, network and install FIPs suited to your new or retrofitted installation, with access to all common manufacturers including but not limited to Ampac, Tyco and Honeywell.
aspirating detector
Aspirating Detectors
We supply, configure install and commission all ASD models including but not limited to VESDA, Wagner and Securitron.
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Fire Protection and Dust Suppression

portable fire fighting pump
Portable Fire Fighting Pump
AFI has developed a portable firefighting pump specifically designed for the needs of end users at marine facilities.
Fire Deluge and Dust Suppression Nozzles
We can supply fire deluge and dust suppression nozzles for your new and retrofitted installations and have the ability to test these for suitability in our AFI nozzle test rig.
Foam released
Fire Fighting Foams
We can provide small or large volumes of PFAS foams to deal with all Environmental requirements. We work with prominent foam manufacturers.
Pressurized containers
Gaseous Suppression Systems
We can design, supply, refill, and install Clean Agent (FM200, IG55, IG541 FM200, NOVEC, CO2), Aerosol & Water Mist systems to meet your new or upgraded systems. We have access to all manufacturers products to find the best solution.
Pipe with valves
Wet & Dry Sprinkler Systems
We can supply, install, commission and maintain all types of water and foam systems associated with all major manufacturers including but not limited to Victaulic and Bermad, Viking and Tyco.
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PFAS Conversion Kits
We can supply and install kits to enable conversion of foam suppression systems to fluorine free
Control valve
Hydrants & Hose Reels
We can provide any supply, spare parts or Installation requirements for any replacements or facility modifications.
Fire pump
Fire Pump Sets & Tanks
We can design, supply, and install fire pump and tank sets for your new or upgraded systems with access to all major manufacturers including but not limited to Kelair, Allied Pumps and Tanks, and GT Technologies.