The devastating impacts of fire and dust could become things of the past, thanks to the FreeFlow™ award-winning and patented technologies, now in Australasia.
RigDeluge® and Australian Fire Industries (AFI) have announced an exclusivity distribution for the RigDeluge® award-winning FreeFlow™ technologies, in what they believe is a transformative shift in global fire and environmental safety.
For an undisclosed sum, the agreement was brokered by Hong Kong-based Silver Horse Holdings, which specialises in identifying and maximising the benefits innovative technology can bring to major industry issues.
The deal will see fire safety experts, AFI, gain exclusive distribution rights across Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Timor Leste for RigDeluge®’s proprietary heat and dust suppression technology, which can effectively remove dust and fire risks in these regions. FreeFlow™ technology is already being successfully used on oil and gas facilities in Australia.
“RigDeluge® and AFI cultures and strategies are aligned to help solve many of the fire safety and environmental issues that are experienced across the region,” AFI CEO Ray Johnson explained.
“Nick Rice and I founded AFI with the express intent of using innovative technologies to protect the people and the environment. The agreement will help enable AFI in our transition from a service company to a technology-led technical authority.”
RigDeluge®’s Ian Garden added: “We are now delivering on our next level of growth strategy through localised exclusive agreements that will allow companies such as AFI to protect local infrastructure and environments while at the same time help them build their local economies.”


The issue of dust suppression is high on the agenda for mining companies and environmental agencies alike. Experts say long-term exposure to high levels of dust pollution can put extra load on the body, which has huge health consequences for the residents of mining towns. As a result, industry monitors dust in mining towns, to assess the impact on residents. Each year, the monitors find dust levels regularly exceed the national standard – central to the conditions set down in the export licences of some of Australia’s biggest iron ore miners.
Using a higher-pressure, low-water volume, the patented technology will be the first product to successfully suppress dust while reducing moisture in the ore on mine sites. A 360-degree nozzle mist spray encapsulates the mine site’s dust, while adaptors ensure consistent water protection.

AFI CTO, Nick Rice, comments: “The technology’s dust and heat suppression capabilities have been identified as a game-changer in the fight to improve Australia’s environmental issues associated with dust emissions in the mining sector and the battle against bush fires. We have worked incredibly hard to bring this technology to Australia and will be holding significant stock to support demand.”


The FreeFlow™ Nozzle can also protect against the health and environmental damage caused by bushfires. As well as the immediate dangers that bushfires pose to the residents of affected areas, bushfires also pose an increased threat to the long-term health of the population, due to increased air pollution.
Carried with the smoke released from the wildfires is particulate matter (PM2.5), which is one of the most dangerous air pollutants to human health. Exposure to PM2.5 can result in respiratory tract irritation, asthma, reduced lung function, heart failure and premature death.
FreeFlow™’s patented, award-winning technology has the capacity to protect people and buildings, halt travelling embers, cool the air around the property, and provide the 15 minutes of water required to protect buildings in a bushfire.
Again, the patented technology will allow a higher-pressure, low-water volume 360-degree coverage to encapsulates the facility/home from thermal radiation. At the same time, the mist cools the air to reduce atmospheric risks.


“This partnership comes at a critical time for Australian communities, the environment and mining companies,” Mr Johnson said. “As an innovative provider of security and fire safety solutions, AFI is well placed to both understand the issues and scale this technology to our clients. This agreement will allow us to stay true to our mission to deliver transformational efficiencies without compromising safety.
“The FreeFlow™ technologies provide a patented, cost-effective solution to fulfil air-quality controls, retrospectively protecting mining environmental licences,” he concluded. “The award-winning technologies are designed to work in the harshest of surroundings, to protect the environment and its people.”

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